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A Stop sign, an empty well, and glaciers

Yes it has been truly forever since I've posted to this blog. Life has been busy. As for now, I've simply had an epiphany. I've always thought analytically just to sort things out in my head. I've always told myself, try to be a diamond so that I'm not "two-faced" but multi-faceted, meaning I can be who I need to be for whomever may need me at the time without changing the core of who I am. I've always liked the diamond analogy because I could encourage myself by saying things like, "the more people cut me down, the brighter I will shine" or "I can take a lot of pressure and heat and it creates a better me". But now I am seeing that I just wanted to be needed. I am needed, but I am not a diamond, I am a stop sign. I am flat and common and those who are closest to me are tired of me. I am appreciated by very few and some even hate me. There are some who ignore me and my useful warning completely even though they know it is risky. I am used as much as useful and because so many know I'm there it is much easier to be irritated by my presence than grateful, just like a stop sign.

My only uncertainty is: was it my behavior that changed me from a diamond into a stop sign or is it the perspective of those around me? Perhaps it is a combination of the two, but I remember trying to maintain a positive outlook towards most things. I have often seen that I view life as an adventure and I can stay optimistic until I am overly mistreated. Perhaps I have become so empty from not refilling my well as I empty it out toward helping others that I feel only used up at this point. Really I only want my inspiration and motivation to return enough that I can again be productive for the fall semester. It seems amazing to me that anyone can continually return to the same vessel for water and never consider that it might need to be refilled.

One last unrelated thing, you know how the glaciers are melting in Greenland and Antarctica and all the scientist are freaking out? Well maybe this is one of those things that isn't so bad as we think. Where else are we going to get more fresh water, I mean I know we are losing coral beds and all of that from desalinization of the oceans, but we don't know all that the earth has endured in the years before we humans were around, so things happened that we have no record of and even though we are really messing up this place, maybe getting some more fresh water from our glaciers isn't the worst thing. So far as we respond appropriately, we'll be okay. I'm not saying some changes won't need to happen, many coastal cities may need to relocate and so one, but maybe it's not the end of the world they think it is.




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